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Work Camp Alabama 2016 Blog

From the youth at Work Camp Alabama

Today (Monday) was our first day at our work sites in Alabama.  After only one day of helping and hard work, we all have experienced God in new ways, and have become closer as a group.  At the beginning of the day we were divided into three teams.  Two of the teams helped at thrift stores by sorting and organizing various clothing items, books, toys, etc.  My team worked on building a wheelchair ramp for a man who was severely injured in an accident.  After lots of planning and designing we started digging holes for posts and building the ramp.  We still have lots of work to do, and we will continue on the ramp tomorrow.  Building the ramp has helped me realize how truly lucky I am, and that we all bring hope to people who have lost all hope

Tuesday:  The second day of work camp was good and fun day. Today two of the groups went to garden at the community garden while the other group continued to work on the ramp. In the afternoon the two teams that were gardening went back to where they were yesterday. My group continued to organize and tag clothes at the thrift. When we were done Makenzie, Katie and I tried on formal and wedding dresses. I saw God in a man who was very thankful for the mission team working at the thrift today.

On our third day of workcamp, instead of working on our work sites, we went to Little Rock Canyon National Park to pick up trash and clean up the park. It was sad and amazing to see how much trash people threw in nature and how inconsiderate they were. It was great to clean up the park. After we cleaned up, we took a nice dip in one of the many watering holes in this park. Many of us jumped off the cliff into the water and swam around for a while to cool down and have some fun. Afterwards, we explored the national park some more.  Tonight, we went to Chaney UMC and ate dinner with some of the people in the church. It was great to see the joy in their faces and conversations. It was lots of fun to play games with them. After that we went and watched the sunset. It was peaceful and absolutely beautiful to see God’s creation in that way. That is one of the prettiest views I have ever seen.

It was a relaxing yet fun day and we are ready for another day back at work tomorrow. My group is hoping to finish the wheelchair ramp and everyone else is going to start a new project.

From Work Camp Team

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