North Broadway United Methodist Church

Work Camp 2016 Final Notes

For some of us, this week was the beginning of a journey, and for others, an ending. For some, it was an emotional undertaking, and for others, a physical exertion. But each one of us leaves Alabama a changed person, no matter how obvious that change might be. Whether tagging clothing or constructing a ramp, tearing down a roof or building up friendships, we have united for seven days in an adventure into the deep and dirty. The Sand Mountain Parish was filled with hard-working and painfully poor families, but every one we met was kind, caring, thankful, and welcoming. Even though some of us complained, we were honored to be able to help the not-so-well-off of our country. The experience of this week was a harsh and beautiful one. Who knows what a little more love in the world will do?

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