North Broadway United Methodist Church

Missions, Justice and Outreach

NBUMC partners with a number of local groups to help meet the needs of the surrounding communities.  Our work ranges from helping support resource agencies in Columbus through volunteers and donations, providing meals at local non-profit organizations, and helping others rebuild and repair their lives in the aftermath of natural disasters.  If you are interested in getting involved with any of these ministry partners, please contact Pastor Heather Nordgren at 268-8626 or

Social Justice

The Reconciling Ministry -“Just as you are.”

  • If you are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, you are welcome here –just as you are.
  • If you question how God’s love applies to you because of your sexuality or gender identity, you are welcome here- just as you are.
  • If you have been spiritually harmed or threatened because of your sexuality or gender identity, you are welcome here – just as you are.
  • If you stand outside of the gender binary and have questioned the uniqueness of your creation, you are welcome here- just as you are.
  • If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally who seeks intersectional justice for all God’s people, including the erasure of- homophobia, racism, patriarchy, transphobia, sexism and heterosexism, you are welcome here- just as you are.
  • If you are a family member of someone in the LGBTQ+ community who seeks understanding to fully develop a loving relationship with your son/daughter/family, you are welcome here – just as you are.

This team gathers the 2nd Sunday of the month, July 9 and August 13 at 12:15 p.m. for potluck and fellowship. A recognized ministry team at North Broadway for Christian gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders and their families and friends. Everyone is invited, regardless of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity.

Check out our Facebook Page at Want to speak to an LGBTQ+ personal or an ally on the Reconciling Team about the ministry or personal concerns? Contact:

breadcolorB.R.E.A.D – As people of faith, we will act to …expand access to healthcare   …reclaim abandoned housing     …strengthen the Franklin County drug court. For more information contact Mariellen Miller at 397-1351 or

Local Mission Opportunities

 Thursday Night Monthly Meal at Community Resources Center: Join for fellowship and community by preparing a community meal for about 35-40 folks. A group meal has been created using, and you’ve been invited to participate! This group meal is for: CRC Thursday Night Dinner To occur on the 2nd Thursdays of the month at 5:15-6:30 pm. If you would like to sign up, click this link


CRC Breakfast Sundays in July: Local churches have been helping the Community Resources Center host breakfast for persons from the community who are in need of food and fellowship on Sunday mornings for years. North Broadway will host 5 Sundays in July. The breakfasts are served at CRC on Lakeview Avenue at High Street. cooking and set up starts at 9:30 am. All food must be at the NBUMC church kitchen by 9:30am and labeled “CRC Breakfast” For more information contact, Kathy Jones at 614-793-2390 or  or sign-up here

YWCA Family Center –The 2017 YWCA Family Center Dinners on the 2nd Tuesday of each month except February went very well.  We served approximately 3,000 people and used almost    1,000 lbs. of chicken.You can imagine how much apple juice, mac and cheese, green beans and fruit were consumed. North Broadway and Columbus Mennonite Church can only do this with wonderful, committed volunteers who provide service, funds, necessary food items, and prayers.  Thank You, Thank You!    Upcoming dinners are June 13 and July 13. Put these dates on your calendar.   Questions? Call or email Judy Skinner, or 262-7068.

Global Missions

This ministry team offers year-round opportunities to learn about and participate in global missions in many different ways.  The congregation is encouraged to become involved in mission opportunities including the Winter Concert fundraiser, the UMC’s Six Special Sundays, our partnership with Casa de Misericordia – an orphanage in Piedras Negras, Mexico, Festival of Sharing,  Church World Service Blankets+ Sunday, and the SERRV Team.  Team Leader is Leslie Jackson.

Adult Missions

A word from Andrews, South Carolina

Andrew SC ERT Trip 11.2015 Andrew SC ERT Trip 11.2015 (9) Andrew SC ERT Trip 11.2015 (6)

The Adult Missions ERT team traveled to Andrews, South Carolina from Nov. 12 – 17th in response to Hurricane Joaquin’s devastating flooding of this area in October.  We were able to recruit 4 extra trained members, who were looking for a team, to join us.  They traveled from Cardington, St. Clairsville, Zanesville, and Gallipolis, Ohio.  It was great to share our ministry with others who are called serve.  We spent most of our time working on a trailer in Kingstree, SC.  We tore out insulation under the trailer, and walls, cabinets and flooring inside.  We removed all furniture and appliances deemed unsalvagable, and did minor repairs to the roof and facia to reduce further damage to the interior.  It was a big job!  The people of South Carolina were great!  They took southern hospitality to a whole new level.  Let me just say this, there was never an excuse to be hungry.  Southern cooking is the true definition of comfort food!  We returned from our trip tired, but truly blessed to be a part of such a loving community of people.  We always know that we are doing exactly what God needs us to do when we serve in this ministry.  It is a privilege to continue to serve God through the Adult Missions Teams.