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Lent Day 32: The Lord’s Supper

Reflection on 40 Days with Wesley by Rueben Job

Day 32: The Lord’s Supper

…The Lord’s Supper is a remarkable sign of the reign of God. Here we have a glimpse into what God intends for all humanity…there is enough for all. No matter how broken, hungry, or needy I am, there is always enough of the bread of life for me.  And my need does not prevent another’s need from being recognized and met.  No one is shortchanged or denied what is needed. ~ Day 32 Reflection by Job

No one is too broken to come to the table.  All are worthy. We can set our scarcity mentality aside, because there is plenty for all our brothers and sisters. Communion is deeply personal and, at the same time, also profoundly communal.

From John Wesley’s Journal (Day 32, Wesley’s Second Reading): Many were comforted and strengthened both at the Lord’s Supper, and at the evening service. I think all jealousies and misunderstandings are vanished, and the whole society is well knit together.  How long will they continue so, considering the unparalleled fickleness of the people in these parts?  That God knows.  However, he does work now and we rejoice therein.

I love this quote.  It speaks to the transformative, uniting power of God’s presence in Holy Communion, as well as the human condition to sin and separate from God and from one another.  Wesley understood his well.  It continues to amaze me that God’s grace flows so freely, like a faucet that this always on, cleansing and loving us, despite our many flaws and propensity toward sin.

What in today’s reading spoke to you?  What questions did I raise?

Pastor Wendy