North Broadway United Methodist Church

Lent 2017: Day 8

Reflection on 40 Days with Wesley by Rueben Job
Day 8: The Human Condition

Today, at Crucible training Lisa Withrow, Dean at Methodist Theological School in Ohio, ended our day’s work on intercultural competency with the statement: Love your enemy. This statement felt out of place given the context of our work. And, then she said, radical love comes before our ability to fulfill the UMC’s mission to make disciple of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the word. Jesus’ teaching to love your enemy was very radical 2000 years ago and it is radical today. Jesus teaches us to love everyone, even our enemies. I got the connection to the day…if we display such radical love to God, neighbor and self we can do the work needed to become more intercultural competent clergy and more effective in fulfilling our mission.

Today’s devotion reinforced the importance of love and the radical nature of God’s love shown in forming us long before the Spirit gives us our first breath, in knowing our most hidden thoughts and feelings, and in still loving us just as we are—no strings attached. We don’t choose God, God choose us. This is profound. God chose me. I am…we are disciples—not because we choose first, but because God loved us first. We are capable of showing radical love, because we have experienced the radical love God has shown us, is showing us, and will continue to bestow upon us all the days of our lives.

Show radical love today. See what a difference it makes. And, tell me about it!

Pastor Wendy