North Broadway United Methodist Church

Lent 2017: Day 7

Reflection on 40 Days with Wesley by Rueben Job

Day7: Becoming a Prayerful People

Job starts the Day 7 reflection with these words: “It is amazing that the disciples did not ask Jesus to teach them how to tell a parable, multiply the loaves, or heal the sick; but they did ask him to teach them how to pray.” I can’t say that I have ever thought about Jesus’ teaching in these terms before…but now that Job mentions it, I do wish Jesus had left us a few more instructions. Imagine if Jesus had taught the disciples these things and they had taught us and we could teach others…imagine the impact! No one would have to go hungry if we could multiple loaves. If we could heal everyone, no one would have to suffer with cancer…when I think about these amazing possibilities, I am reminded of the role of prayer in making the gospel accessible, in feeding the hungry and healing the sick. Prayer offers us an opportunity to develop a deep and profound connection to God is the foundation that makes all these things possible.

Today, I also want to remind you of the invitation Pastor Marcus gave us on Sunday to be in prayer at noon each day using these words:
“God of Love, forgive us for not loving You with our whole hearts. In this time of wilderness, may we listen for the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. Help us to let go of our: self-reliance, certainties, prejudices, rigidity, fear, timidity or whatever holds us back from being whole-hearted. As Jesus’ disciples we are a Resurrection people; flood our imaginations with hope and help us to embrace a hope-full future. Grant us peace and knowing for the next faithful step. In the name of Perfect Love, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

Pastor Wendy