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Lent 2017: Day 25

Lent 2017 reflection on 40 Days with Wesley by Rueben P. Job

Day 25: Do No Harm

I admit, I’m distracted from the overall content of the devotion by the question, “What did Jesus write on the ground with his finger?” The scripture from John 8:3-11 says, “Jesus bent down and wrote on the ground with his finger.” It must have been important if it was included in the story, right? I’ve done a little research and the greatest consensus is that we don’t know and should not be distracted by that. Buy why is it mentioned? commentary suggest that “the act of writing itself was regarded as a symbolic act. In Exod 31:19, the first set of tablets were inscribed by the finger of God. The first time Jesus stooped to write, it is specifically mentioned that he wrote with his finger (8:6). This may well constitute a symbolic allusion to the person of Messiah: he writes with the same authority as God, because he is God” (

I am challenged by story of the beggar who died in the streets after having been denied requests for food and drink which is in the second Wesley Reading. The Rich Man and Lazarus story is a powerful one. How often do we go through the day oblivious of the needs of persons around it? If you have not read it lately, I recommend reading it—Luke 16:19-31. I am challenged to be more present and aware. What about you? What stood out to you in the reading?

Pastor Wendy