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Lent 2017: Day 19

Lent 2017 reflection on “40 Days with Wesley” by Rueben P. Job

Day 19: Justifying Grace

I read today’s lesson and I patted myself on the back. I thought, I’m good. Now, what I am going to write about? I am thankful that God has had mercy on me so many times. I give great thanks that I don’t have to “earn” my way into heaven. Faith and accepting God’s grace is sufficient. I also give thanks that God has blessed me with the gift of mercy. I’m good. Time to focus on sermon writing.

But I could not move on. I kept hearing the words, “God is rich in mercy” from the second chapter of Ephesians. If mercy overflows from God and I accept that mercy and I share that mercy with others, why do I not show myself more mercy? Have I fully accepted God’s gift if I don’t more readily bestow it upon myself? I don’t have answers, but some things to continue to ponder today. What about you? What stood out to you in the reading? Where have you experienced mercy today? Where have you shown mercy today?

Pastor Wendy


I went back to this day today after reading Day 21, The Means of Grace, to think more about the fullness of God’s love for us. On Day 19, we studied how God is rich in mercy. On Day 21, I learned how to grow more deeply with God’s mercy and love. We have to think, live using common sense, not give up and be more compassionate to others. It’s good to not become sidetracked, but to really think on these things and thrive in our faith. It does take faith to understand that life doesn’t have to be so difficult, heavy and filled with burdens. God has mercy for us, we should have our attention on God to fully experience His mercy, and learn from it. I mentioned to a friend the other day that people who don’t know God or who put up barriers to God, just don’t know what they are missing. I hope that more people with each passing day learn how to experience God’s mercy and love.

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