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Lent 2017: Day 17

Reflection on 40 Days with Wesley by Rueben Job
Day 17: Prevenient Grace

God continually seeks me and you and everyone else in the world. God seeks to show us unconditional love and God longs for us to respond, to extend a hand to reach out and accept the gift of God’s perfect love or to open our hearts so God’s love may pour into us. As I think about this, and my varied responses to God over the years, and the responses of others whom I know, I am overwhelmed by the power, patience and determination of God to keep pursing us!

In the reflection section Job says, “God walks with us even when we deny Divine Presence.” As I read this I was reminded of a discussion I had today with someone about the poem, “Footprints in the Sand.” When I looked up the words I learned there are three versions by three different authors (see: The author of the poem questions the absence of God’s footprints in the sand during life’s most difficult moments and she captures God’s response. The footprints that are missing are not God’s but rather the person’s because it is during those times that God is carrying the person.

Today’s reading ends with this sentence, “Don’t let go of what your hands have made.” This is a beautiful prayer. God, please don’t let go of me. You’re hands are much stronger than mine, your grip more powerful, and your endurance unending. In this I find abundant strength and comfort, and I give great thanks and praise. Amen.

What is your prayer today? What scriptures, poems or works of art describe God’s prevenient grace for you?

Pastor Wendy


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