North Broadway United Methodist Church

Lent 2017: Day 12

Reflection on 40 Days with Wesley by Rueben Job
Day 12: Our New Nature

“Men [and women] are generally lost in the hurry of life.. and seem to think that.. their new nature will spring and grow up within them, with as little care and thought of their own as their bodies were conceived. …there is nothing more certain than that the Holy Spirit will not purify our nature, unless we carefully attend to his motions (John Wesley, Sermon 138, On Grieving the Holy Spirit.)”

The new nature Wesley is referring to is our new life in Christ. My response to the reading and the many necessary interruptions I’ve experienced already today is a prayer:

My God, the great potter, who dwells within me, please speak clearly and loudly this day. I desire to hear your voice and to follow your light. Please remove the unnecessary distractions in my life. Help me to embrace and love the child who desires for my attention while I pray. Give me the patience and wisdom needed this day to care for those who are sick. Thank you for your continual work to shape and mold me into the beautiful, radically loving person I was created to be. Amen.

Pastor Wendy