Considering membership?

North Broadway gladly welcomes new members to its church family. We affirm the value of the United Methodist Church that every congregation should be a place of open hearts, open minds, and open doors.

Becoming a member at North Broadway means that North Broadway becomes your spiritual home. You share the values of the congregation and agree to support the work and ministries of the congregation.

What we believe:

We observe the sacrament of baptism as recognition of God’s grace made available for all through Jesus Christ. Receiving this sacrament is a one-time act that serves as an outward sign of inner transformation, and it’s the means by which we enter into the Church universal and communion of saints, past and present. We believe this sacrament is to be made available to individuals of any age. If you’re interested in baptism, please contact us.

We understand Holy Communion as an open table where all are welcome. We observe Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. As we join together in community, we view the bread and cup as an act that renews our baptismal covenant with God and community each and every time we come to the table. We believe God is at work through the power of the Holy Spirit in the observance of this sacrament, and it is in partaking of bread and juice that we’re continually fueled for our life together in Christian discipleship. Our Communion table is open to all, and we receive the elements through the practice of intinction. If you’d like to partake, you’ll be invited forward by an usher, offered a piece of bread by one of our Communion Stewards, and then offered the cup of grape juice, into which the piece of bread is lightly dipped. We do offer a gluten-free Communion station for those who cannot or do not wish to consume gluten.

How to join:

  • by transfer of your church membership from another United Methodist congregation
  • by transfer of your church membership from membership in a congregation of another denomination
  • by reaffirmation of faith if you have been baptized and have previously belonged to a church but do not currently have a church affiliation
  • by baptism and affirmation of faith if you have never been received into a Christian community before