There’s a seat for you at this table.

At North Broadway, we celebrate our God-given diversity by welcoming all people into a relationship with Jesus. We have a storied history of boldly sharing our faith, seeking justice, and building community.

As Christians, we:

  • Celebrate the God-given diversity of the human family, welcoming all people of every race, age, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic status, mental ability, and physical ability.
  • Proclaim God’s love and grace for all persons in worship, study, and action, inviting persons to experience God’s mercy.
  • Share in the reconciling ministry of Jesus Christ, working to remove the barriers that divide the human family from God and from others, including those related to economic and social injustices.
  • Rely on the witness of scripture, tradition, reason, and experience, seeking to discern God’s continuously unfolding will for the human community and our global environment.

NBUMC is affiliated with the Reconciling Ministry Network.